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An illustrated, long-form blog that delves deeper into the things that make us who we are.

It’s Mainstream to Hate the Mainstream

Defying convention might feel special, but in reality, it just makes you a member of the Contrarian Herd.

Respect Is No Substitute for Love

Respect is what we desire, not what we require.

Money Is the Megaphone of Identity

Our relationship with money is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a clear framework to help guide you through this often hazy topic.

The Four Ancestral Wants: A Brief Dive into the Nature of Desire

All the desires we have originate from the same four things. Once we learn how they work, we can finally free ourselves from the cycle of conflict.

How to Be Thankful for Your Life with One Simple Reset

In the haze of everyday life, it’s hard to be thankful. This post details one simple thought experiment that can make it easier.

What Makes Death Bad?

Why do we think death is bad? Why is something so normal so feared? Death is here to defend his name, and he has a lot to say.

The Small Things Are Big Windows Into Who You Are

It’s quite easy to shape an identity, so be aware of the little things you do in life.

The Release Ratio: How to Make Use of Everything You Know

One simple metric is all you need to convert information into something special.

What We Get Wrong About Evil

You are always the moral hero in the story of your life.

Happiness Is a Serious Matter

It takes a lot more than a smiling face or a cheerful demeanor to be happy. Here’s what I think it takes.

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