The Riddle of the Well-Paying, Pointless Job

Let’s explore the inner workings of the most baffling paradox of our time.

Thankfully, Life Is Full of Problems

Problems are only problematic when we forget how meaningful they really are.

Are You My Friend?

If you knew nothing about human friendship, then this post would be a good place to start.

Do You Really Believe What You Believe?

Testing your closely-held beliefs is hard. So ask this question deeply, and ask it often.

The Economics of Writing (And Why Now Is the Best Time to Do It)

Economics plays a significant—yet forgotten—role in the case for consistent writing. Let’s bring it into the spotlight for a moment.

The Finality of Everything

Every moment – no matter how big or how small – has a finish line. Make each one worthwhile.

Memory Is the Shadow of Fact, the Artifact of Feeling

Memories are unreliable, but perhaps that’s what makes them useful when recalling the story of our lives.

Socrates: The Badass Godfather of Uncertainty

Socrates’ name can be found everywhere, from the halls of philosophy classrooms to the pages of iconic hip-hop lyrics. But who was he, and why does he still matter today?

Self-Help and the Smuggling of Values

The self-help industry makes a lot of assumptions about identity, and we need to question them to protect the core values we hold.

The Creator and the Crowd: Originality’s Balancing Act

No two humans are the same, but making something original is still fucking hard. Let’s explore why that is, and what we can do about it.

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