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The Artist Gives Us the Vision

constellations cartoon

If you have style, any old idea you communicate becomes new.

The Survival Instinct of Money

The more money you have, the more you have to preserve. And the more you have to preserve, the more fear that surrounds its potential loss.

Knowledge Is Not Understanding

Don’t fall in love with your own intellect.

When Advice Collides With Truth

Be open to any data point, but don’t let it become your operating system.

The Meaning-Making Animal

meaning-making animal

The pursuit of meaning is the distinguishing feature of our species. How do we harness it to bring out the best of ourselves?

Nostalgia and the Cessation of Time

Our relationship with time defines this strange emotion.

The Game You Don’t Need to Play

If you can’t eradicate it, opt out of it while you can.

The Problem With Note-Taking

If you view knowledge for its utility, you will never fully appreciate it.

Love Has No Gain or Loss

Dependency is not love, yet we often confuse one for the other.

Equanimity: A Creator’s Greatest Asset

Shield yourself against the winds of external response.

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