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Why I Write About the Human Condition

It reminds me that a better version of myself is accessible at any time.

The Boundaries of Rationality

Reason has a hard limit on answering life’s most important questions.

The Illusion of Control

Freedom is less about doing what you want, and just allowing life to be.

Compassion Is the Greatest Virtue

Compassion is to take active participation in another’s life, and to commit to that wholeheartedly.

The Inner Compass

Self-reliance is about believing in your intuition and acting upon your curiosity.

The Tightrope of Discipline

A disciplined mind is beautiful only if it can also embrace contentment.

The Problem of What Others Think

“It’s the height of madness to worry about being despised by the despicable.”

Burnout Is the Echo of Self-Judgment

We work hard to achieve freedom, but this quest makes us believe we are never good enough.

The Fallacy of a Just World

Free yourself from the thought that you deserve anything.

The Tension Between Art and Money

How to balance inner exploration with outer acceptance.

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