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The Riddle of Rest

What does it mean to rest when you’re valued by what you produce?

How to Beat Worry

how to beat worry

I wish I read this years ago. If you struggle with worry, this is for you.

The Survival Instinct of Money

The more money you have, the more you have to preserve. And the more you have to preserve, the more fear that surrounds its potential loss.

Knowledge Is Not Understanding

Don’t fall in love with your own intellect.

The Mind Scribble: Solving the Blank Page Problem

Lower the barrier and master the art of the start.

The Arc of the Practical Creator

the arc of the practical creator - featured image with borders

There is no “easier” or “harder” in any creative endeavor. There is just challenge, and the shifting textures of patience.

The Problem With Note-Taking

If you view knowledge for its utility, you will never fully appreciate it.

The Time Trap of Productivity

the time trap of productivity

In a culture so focused on managing time, we have become subservient to it.

The Many Worlds of Enough

the many worlds of enough

Enough is elusive because when you reach it, you’re no longer the person that once desired it.

The Nothingness of Money

It’s the great everything and the great nothing.

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