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An illustrated, long-form blog that delves deeper into the things that make us who we are.

Thought Stop Signs: The Source of Lazy Thinking

Welcome to the intersection of curiosity and stubbornness.

Fluid Thought: The Art of Exploring Without Expecting

Learn how to balance the rigidity of focus with the fluidity of exploration.

Pursue Mastery, Not Status

Status traps can be hard to avoid, but there is a way out. Look inward, and choose mastery.

The Omnipresence of Work

Welcome to a world where work never sleeps.

A Letter to My Newborn Daughter

My wife and I just said hello to our new baby daughter. Here’s what I wrote to welcome her into the world.

The Power of the Dissenting Voice

Conformity can make normal people do terrible things. Fortunately, one strong voice breaks this thoughtless spell.

The Long Tail of Negative Emotions

Don’t control the spike. Control the duration of the long tail.

Creativity Starts Before Anything Is Made

Creativity is often seen as the act of making things. Here’s why that’s wrong.

The Information Lifecycle: How Three Filters Shape the Mind

Information seems like it passes right through us, but in reality, there are three key filters we use to gauge its impact. Let’s delve into each of them.

Reality Is Never Strange. We Are.

looking out into a nighttime sky

Reality feels weird, doesn’t it? Well, our expectations of it are far weirder.

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