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An illustrated, long-form blog that delves deeper into the things that make us who we are.

What Is the Present Moment?

The past has already collapsed, and the future is yet to be experienced. This very moment is all we have.

Why Everyone Can Face the Truth

What is true is already so.

The Infinite Shades of Uncertainty

Things are never black or white, but they’re never just gray either.

Painting the Bullseye: What Happens When We Lose Our Curiosity?

When we choose certainty over curiosity, we are denying access to our very own nature.

The Day You Decided to Take the Leap

Taking the leap is, in fact, a very rational thing to do. Here’s why.

Why We Doubt Ourselves

Self-Doubt is difficult to beat, but if we understand the three rules it follows, we can silence its voice for good.

Write for Yourself, and Wisdom Will Follow

Writing has helped me realize that a wiser version of myself is accessible when I need that person the most. This post explains how it can do that for you too.

Shocks, Setbacks, and the Slowdown of Time

Life shocks are hard, but their ability to slow down time helps build the groundwork for the future.

Finding Peace Within the Pandemic

Here are three important things to keep in mind as we look ahead to a brighter tomorrow.

Philosophy Has Lost Its Way

Philosophy gets a lot of things right, but lately, it’s been doing everything wrong. Here’s what we can do to bring it back on track.

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