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The Time Trap of Productivity

the time trap of productivity

In a culture so focused on managing time, we have become subservient to it.

The Many Worlds of Enough

the many worlds of enough

Enough is elusive because when you reach it, you’re no longer the person that once desired it.

The Nothingness of Money

It’s the great everything and the great nothing.

When 1 + 1 = 3

We say we want the truth, but will choose falsehoods in the name of freedom.

God Is a Spectrum of Being

Truth lives in nuance, and God is no exception.

Make Classics, Not Content

Content is the commodification of creativity. To make something you’re proud of, make a classic instead.

Speculation: A Game You Can’t Win

Even great monetary gains have great mental costs.

Multi-Tasking and Our Greatest Fear

A thought-by-thought breakdown of an odd realization.

A Reflection on Being Asian

When I was in the third grade, I learned that being Asian was different.

Words Are the Sculptors of Culture

By naming what we feel, we build the reality we occupy.

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