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Alumni Testimonials

If you can’t get enough of the students from Cohort 1 (I don’t blame ya!), here are some more testimonials from our alumni. To watch the accompanying video of their words, just click on the highlighted portion of the quote.1

I've never, ever taken a course like this before, or come away from an experience with this many tools in my toolkit for the future . . . I’ve never taken a course that helped me understand myself as a storyteller, how to tell stories from cradle to grave, and given me a whole toolbox to keep doing that on my own.”

Nancy Janzen
CEO, StaffReady

“I can’t explain how special it is to get feedback from folks that are as excited about storytelling as you are. I now have all these connections that I’m making between different pieces of material that I’m bringing into my stories. And those connections only came up because some wonderful person – who I now think might be a good friend for the rest of my life – was able to point them out to me.”

Tucker Bryant
Keynote Speaker / Poet

“Lawrence breaks [everything] down into a segmented chunk process, and now I have something to grasp onto, iterate on, and become a better storyteller. That has been the most powerful thing: just me feeling like I can actually do this storytelling thing.

Richa Prasad
Co-founder, Coach Viva

“Between the unique content and the community aspect, it’s been huge for me. I’ve learned how to take my ideas, put them through frameworks, and then inject story into it. I can frame what I want to say to make people care.

Paul Carleton
Founder, Future Wealth

I had that feeling of: 'I don’t ever want it to end!' … I do a lot of writing for work, so I came into this course looking to reignite my love, my passion, and that playful spirit of why I love writing in the first place.  And it certainly has done that for me.”

Robin Smith
Head of Content, Synergy Health

“I’ve been a consumer of content my whole life . . . But for the first time, I feel like I had a breakthrough - I actually created things on my own.  As someone who’s always consumed and never created, it’s super exciting to think about ways that I’ll be able to give back and create things.  That’s not something that was in my repertoire prior to now.”

Nick Goode
Founder, Vantage Point Planning

“Thinking In Stories has helped the process of finding my storytelling voice a bit less scary . . . It’s convinced me that this is a challenge worth undertaking, because grappling with the storytelling process myself has shed light for me on just how many stories I have inside me.

Yuhwen Ling
Manager, US Government Agency

“My background is mostly in approaching ideas with an academic perspective.  That means no first person, no humor, anything like that.  This course challenged me in all those areas: characters, worldbuilding, humor, personal stories - and that made my own writing much more personable and engaging.

Andrew Smentkowski
Business Development Director, CHRT


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