The Human Paradox

The Human Paradox is an illustrated short book that delves into the heart of what makes us so strange: our relationships with other fellow humans.

There are billions of people on this planet, millions of people in our cities, and thousands of people in our surrounding communities.

Most folks we come into contact with will simply walk past us, occupying less than a second of our time on Earth. However, there is a small percentage of this mass that we will dialogue with, and these previously nameless faces become symbols of real interactions.

Some of these interactions happen just once, others happen regularly. Some induce anxiety, others are comfortable. Some are mundane, others are inspirational. The combinations here are limitless, but certain pairings allow some connections to evolve into core relationships, whereas others remain as peripheral ones.

Common sense would dictate that the core relationships are the most important, but time and time again, we allow our lesser peripheral connections to significantly influence our behaviors. A couple questions to consider:

Why do we have the ability to act like complete assholes to our loving parents, yet torturously mull over that time those random strangers didn’t laugh at our joke?

Why do we pretend to be super awesome around people that don’t really care about us (like our bosses at work), but can regularly show the worst of ourselves with our spouses and partners?

Why is it so difficult for a peripheral relationship to become a core one? How do we differentiate between these types of connections?

Instead of simply accepting things as they are, I decided to delve pretty deep into these questions, and ended up writing over 8,000 words in the process.

The Human Paradox dives into the nature of our various relationships, the mechanisms we use to determine them, and the irrational ways we allow our periphery to adversely affect the health of our core.

Oh yeah, it’s illustrated too!

As a grown man, nothing makes me happier than drawing at a third grade level. Here are some select illustrations from each part of the book:

From Part 1: Why It’s Absurdly Difficult to Say “No” to Bad Ideas

From Part 2: The Net of Human Relationships

From Part 3: The Peripheral Relationships

From Part 4: The Ones that Must Go

From Part 5: The Marathon to the Center

From Part 6: Wrapping It Up with a Brief Review of Our Evolutionary History

How to get a copy of it

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