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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.

— Plutarch

Hey there, I’m Lawrence Yeo. I write all the serious words and draw all the silly things you see here.

Everything on this site is in service of one question: What does it mean to live a good life? I’ve created many stories to parse through this timeless inquiry, all of which navigate the nuances of the human condition.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that wisdom is not birthed in isolation. You can read the works of great thinkers, listen to inspirational talks, and reflect on these lessons, but the result is mere knowledge. The only way to truly internalize that knowledge is to ignite it with discourse, and that can only happen with those that share your intellectual curiosities.

That’s what the More To That membership is all about. Instead of going wide with my audience, I’m going deep, and I’m inviting you to join me.

If you love More To That and have the means to give more, you can join as a Pioneering Member ($300/year). That’d be like giving me a big hug over the internet, and I’ll be immensely grateful.

The main feature of this membership is the Monday Essay Club, where I will publish an exclusive essay every Monday morning at 6 AM PST. Each one will be around 800 to 1,200 words long, and will primarily be text-only. These are more intimate in nature, and will provide you with a contemplative start to your week.

The topics I cover will be wide-ranging, and you can discuss the essay on a community hub called the Thought Campfire. This is the special corner of the internet where we will hang out and reflect on timeless topics together. Think of it as a consistent campfire in your life that ignites every Monday, acting as an invitation to sit around and share musings for the duration of the week.

As a preview, here are some of the topics I will be touching:

In addition, I will also invite you to a quarterly Fireside Chat session, where I will host a live discussion with members about a recent essay. This will give you the opportunity to directly chat with me and other members about what’s been on your mind. Despite the era of text messages and discussion forums we’re in, there’s still nothing better than live interactions, and I will open up the space for us to have that together. (If you can’t make it, no problem. Recordings will be available after each Fireside Chat.)

And that’s not all. Here are some other community benefits that are included to keep your mind sharp:

Resources Library: You will have instant access to a library of PDFs and recordings that are unavailable to the general public. These include offline versions of popular posts, exclusive reflections, and conversations with prolific creators.

Directly connect with other members: If you find yourself engaging with a particular member often, you can directly message them and set up a chat or hangout on your own. The Thought Campfire has this functionality built in, so use it to facilitate deeper connections with people you meet here.

Affordable pricing: As I add more features and build out the membership program, I will be increasing the price. But if you join now, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current plan, which is $10/month or $50/year. That’s like treating me to a small meal (or drink) each month. As long as you remain a member, you will be locked in at this price, regardless of how much I add to the program over time.

Become a More To That member

If you love More To That and have the means to give more, you can join as a Pioneering Member ($300/year). That’d be like giving me a big hug over the internet, and I’ll be immensely grateful.

As the name of the membership program implies, there’s more to unearth when it comes to a life well-lived, and I’m excited to explore this question together. I know that only a percentage of my audience will join this next chapter, and that’s the point. Through this membership, I’m cultivating an Inner Circle where we check-in consistently and develop a network of familiarity and trust.

If you’d like to join this exploration of ideas with me, I’d love to see you inside. At the least, I’ll have a thoughtful essay to share with you on Monday. At the most, you’ll forge connections with people that are just as curious about the ideas that ignite your mind.

Thanks so much for your support. Hope to see you around the Thought Campfire soon.

-Lawrence Yeo

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