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Happy 2nd Birthday, More To That.

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On March 21st, 2018, I sent the below email to a few friends and family members, telling them that I started a weird illustrated blog and included a link to its first post, Travel is No Cure for the Mind:

A snippet of that email.

Since then, I’ve written and illustrated a total of thirty-four posts, and what was originally a tiny side project has become something much bigger, bringing in readers from all around the world:

Map of More To That readers. One day, people from huge-ass Greenland might just find their way to the blog, although I’m not too hopeful about North Korea.

Today is More To That’s second birthday, and this day is all about thanking you for being one of those special readers that make this blog possible.

Writing allows me to establish a rare connection with you that other forms of creative expression cannot. When you are reading a More To That post (or anything from any writer), you are providing something that’s truly precious: your attention. As a reader, you are fully engaged with the words/illustrations that are being presented; you can’t do it while driving (like you can with a podcast) or while you’re having dinner with friends (like you can with a music playlist).

I feel like the best writers are always able to keep this dynamic in mind; they understand that their readers are offering something precious, so they won’t create anything that they themselves wouldn’t want to read.

That is what I aspire to do with More To That. I view this blog as my personal intellectual journal – one that I can revisit at any time when I need it the most. It’s important to understand that what I create is a reminder of what I’m capable of thinking, and this allows me to put myself in the position of a reader as well.

The best part, however, is that you find value in this intellectual journal too. Whenever I receive an encouraging message, a nice tweet, or an email with detailed feedback, it reminds me that this journey is not a solitary one. We all have various vehicles we occupy on our path to growth, and I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen More To That to be one of them.

Just know that there’s a community of folks that are in this cozy vessel with you.

But within this vessel, there’s an even smaller one that I need to thank dearly.

A special shout-out goes to the beloved patrons of More To That, many of whom have provided their support since the very beginning (the same goes for all one-time supporters as well). You are the select few that help make this blog accessible for the thousands of readers that visit the site each month, so please know that your contributions mean so much.

The past year has been a special one for me personally (I wrote a long reflection on it here), and it’s been amazing to work on something that I find so meaningful. Although the times feel uncertain right now, just know that we’re going to get through it, because that’s what humans always do.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Ironically, words can’t express how grateful I am.



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